KStar is a specialist in Korean Food & Beverage products. Our KStar brand of popular Korean beverage products are made from the finest ingredients using state-of-art technology and manufactured under the highest quality and hygiene standards.  The result is a premium, rich and trusted taste endorsed by more than 70 percent of cafes as well as food establishments in Korea and exported worldwide.


Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor for KStar brand of snow ice, soft serve machines and beverage products.  KStar products are exported and well-known worldwide.  KStar brand are infused with dynamic, popular Korean cafe culture, with an exciting pipeline of new products and trend-setting concepts which are well-loved by many around the world.


It is highly competitve F&B Malaysia market, Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd as a quality dessert powder beverage flavor supplier understand the needs and demands of the ever-changing consumer tastes.  We pride ourselves at being able to bring the quality flavors of our customers, customised to their local needs, to enable them to serve the best tastes to their customers.


Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd serves as a valued partner of KStar to fulfil their vision to bring new quality products, popular concepts, culture and fine tastes to your doorstep.



iLite is a Singapore brand of products which embody the perfect complete formula for everyday healthy lifestyle. The brand signifies low calorie, low Glycermic Index, healthier fats and serves a pertinent role in one's journey towards an easy yet fulfilling healthy daily diet.


Via Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd, we enable all Malaysian families and every individual to live enriching and healthier life through natural, tastier, health-giving food and beverages at their convenience.  With Juhalim's reach from the manufacturers  to consumer shops, it is Juhalim's vision to make low sugar, healthier products like iLite available at different levels of food & beverage outlets.


iLite has a wide range of products to offer, from award winning Healthier Choice products of Grains Plus cereal beverages, natural sugar replacement sachets, professional grade baking sugar replacement in iLite Cook & Bake, to a whole rangeof low sugar beverage powders, ready for all typesof business needs.


In Malaysia, schools find iLite Cook & Bake useful for their regular cooking lessons, iLite Grain Plus are also welcomed in school canteens for their low glygemic index and slow release of energy throughout the day.  Hospitals and cafes loved the low sugar, natural ingredients in iLite Healthier Sweetness Beverages, with some hospitals offering iLite Pearl Barley daily to their inpatient wards.


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