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(Microfeed additive for Sow's Feed)

MAMABEN™ is specially designed to improve feed intake and contains a natural laxative formula with supplemental vitamin and mineral fortification.

MAMABEN™ produces a smoothing mucilaginous, stool-softening action that aids normal elimination and bowel movement. As a result sows and gilts increase their appetite.

Advantages of MAMABEN™
    • contains rich natural fiber
    • highly absorptive to help prevent constipation effectively.
    • improves feed and water intake of sows and gilts
    • contains natural ingredients that have no side effect.
Packing: 10 kgs net per bag.
One of the primary reason of agalacita and lactation failures is constipation. Many sows and gilts encounter this problem in the farrowing crate due to lack of exercise and fiber deficiency in feed, and environmental changes.
    Constipation will resulted in the following problems:
    • Hard Stool
    • Poor Appetite
    • Dystocia
    • Poor Blood Circulation
    • Hypoposia
    • Poor Milk Production
    • Stillbirth Increase
    • Ununiform piglets
    • Poor return to heat
NOTE: Chemicals are effective laxative, but can have a deleterious action as competence may develop in a short, and can lead to dehydration. High fiber diets including alfalfa and other similar feed ingredients can reduce constipation but should not be overdosed as they reduce the energy level of the ration essential for optimum milk flow. MAMABEN™ contains rich natural fiber, is highly absorptive, to help prevent constipation effectively.
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