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Colimeiji 10% 

Colimeiji 10%
Colimeiji (Meiji Colistin) is a peptide antibiotic discovered from a culture broth of Bacillus polymyxa var.colistinus. Many peptide antibiotics are active against gram-positive organisms, whereas Colimeiji (Meiji Colistin) is active against gram-negative organisms. Moreover, Colimeiji (Meiji Colistin) promotes the growth of livestock and poultry and is effective in the prevention of bacterial diarrhea.

Colimeiji has the excellent characteristics described below that is highly evaluated within the worldwide livestock industry.
Characteristics of Colimeiji 10%:-
  • Effective for growth promotion of livestock and poultry.
  • Acts bactericidally against gram-negative rods.
  • Prevents bacterial diarrhea.
  • Exhibits synergism with other antibiotics.
  • Hardly absorbed from the intestinal tract. Therefore, there is no fear of residue in animal products.
  • Almost no resistant strains have appeared.
Colimeiji 10% is widely used in the livestock industry:
Active Ingredients
Colistin Sulfate: 100g (potency) per kg.
Carrier: Defatted rice bran
Packing: 20kgs net per multi-ply paper bag.
Distributor for Singapore & Malaysia:

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