Cake Aerating Agent:


RYOTO® Ester SP  (Batter Aerating Agent for Sponge Cake) 

RYOTO<sup>&reg;</sup> Ester SP  (Batter Aerating Agent for Sponge Cake)
RYOTO® Ester SP is a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan. It contains the most suitably selected type of Sugar Esters (sucrose ester fatty acids of vegetable origin) blended for use in sponge cakes and batter products applications.

RYOTO® Ester SP is the ideal emulsifier compound for angel cake and other low calorie sponge cake.

Advantages of RYOTO® Ester SP:

  1. Easy Preparation: One-step or Two-steps Method Mixing means cake-making is very easy, and no special skills are required for success.
  2. Good Batter Stability: The aerated batter stays stable for as long as two or three hours.
  3. Increased Cake Volume: It boosts the volume of cake by 10~20%.
  4. Taste Better, finer crumbs and more uniform texture.
  5. Longer Shelf Life: Anti-Staling action keeps cake crumbs soft and tasty.
  6. Use lesser eggs: reduced by 5~10% of eggs and replace by water. Cost Savings!
  7. Consistent Foaming of batter and Stability. Better air circulation when baking. Baked cakes with nice shape.
  8. Good Technical Support by Mitsubishi Kagaku Foods Corporation and its distributor. Widely known around the world.


Dosage of RYOTO® Ester SP:
The dosage is about 2% of the total weight of the flour, eggs, and sugar in the cake.

Standard Packing: packed in 5 kgs net or 15 kgs net per plastic pail.

Distributors in Singapore & Malaysia:

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