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RYOTO® Sugar Ester 

RYOTO<sup>&reg;</sup> Sugar Ester
RYOTO® Sugar Ester is a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. It contains Sucrose fatty acid esters that are non-ionic surfactants. They are the best suited emulsifier for foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

RYOTO® Sugar Ester offers a full range of HLB values from <1 to 16, and when in use, all grades display exceptionally good surfactant functionality.

Chemical Structure of RYOTO® Sugar Ester

Sucrose fatty acid esters of vegetable origin are non-ionic surfactants consisting of sucrose as hydrophilic group and fatty acid as lipophilic group, and generally called Sugar Ester. As sucrose has a total of 8 hydroxyl groups, compounds ranging from sucrose mono to octa fatty acid esters can be produced.

Characteristic functions of RYOTO® Sugar Ester:

  • Good Emulsification: (1) Large emulsifying capacity. (2) Excellent emulsifying and Stabilizing ability againtst stressess. (3) Excellent demulsification properties. (4) Emulsifying ability varies with content of minor component in the sugar ester.
  • Enhancement or Inhibition of Crystallization of fats and oils: enhancing crystallization of fats and oils with high melting point. Also excellant ability to inhibit the crystallization of fats and oils.
  • Antibacterial Effect: effective against Escherichia coli, Bacillus sterothmophilus, Bacillus coagulans, Desulfotomaculm nigrificans, spores of Clostridium, etc...
  • Complex formation with Starch: high HLB values Sugar Esters are effective quality improver in foods consisting of wheat flour.
  • Good Lubrication (lowering viscosity): Widely used in manufacturing of tablet candies, tablet drugs, chocolate...etc. Certain grades of Sugar Esters are also effective as a caking inhibitor.
  • Good Wetting and Dispersing Effect: prevent sedimentation of fine solid particles dispersed in water by absorbing on their surface.
  • Inhibition of thermal and freezing denaturation of proteins: High HLB values Sugar Esters interact milk proteins, increasing stability in its acqueous solution and prevents its thermal denaturation. Also prevent deterioration of flavor and browning.

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