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RYOTO® Sugar Ester for CHOCOLATE 

RYOTO<sup>&reg;</sup> Sugar Ester for CHOCOLATE

RYOTO® Sugar Ester is a product of Mitsubishi-Chemical Foods Corporation. It contains Sucrose fatty acid esters that are non-ionic surfactants. They are the best suited emulsifier for foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Key Functions of RYOTO Sugar Ester for Chocolate Application:

  • Prevent fat blooming.
  • Can use for making water-including products.
  • Controls rate of crystallization.
  • Lower viscosity and promotes coating and tempering.
  • Improves snapping property and gloss.
  • Increases heat resistance and prevents sugar blooming

Ryoto Sugar Esters recommended for Chocolate applications:

  • For the prevention of fat bloom in chocolate:
    POS-135 for Cocoa butter based chocolate
    L-195 for Lauric hard butter based chocolate
  • To reduce the plastic viscosity without decreasing yield value:
    ER-290, low HLB sucrose ester of unsaturated fatty acid.
  • For hard and lustrous surfaces:
    S-070 and S-170, low HLB sucrose esters of saturated fatty acid.

Dosage: 0.2 ~ 0.5%
(to be tested and adjusted by user according to their own product specification)

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