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- Ryoto Sugar Esters


Ryoto® Sugar Ester - Standard Packing Size 

<b>Ryoto<sup>&reg;</sup> Sugar Ester</b> - Standard Packing Size
A product of MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Japan. Ryoto® Sugar Ester is the trade name of Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan TAKE NOTE: End-users are suggested to check on food regulations or permission for use in each country for their products using sugar esters to be manufactured or marketed. There are limitations for use by application in some countries.
Low HLB level (below 5) Ryoto sugar esters (Sucrose Oligoesters) are permitted for use as food additives in Singapore and some CODEX/JECFA countries. Please clarify with us before use.

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