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Brief History of Halim Biotech Pte Ltd




Incorporated in 1984 in Singapore, the company has been active in the livestock farming as well as specialty chemicals business in the market of Singapore and Malaysia. Through years of progresses, not only the company has gained its local market place but also expanded its activities to the South East Asian region.


Apart from trading and marketing activities, in year 1990, the company also invested into a manufacturing plant of feed additives and animal health products in Thailand. This is a joint venture of Singaporean, Thai and Japanese partnership. The plant has further enhanced the company's position and strength in the relevant market.


Over the years, the company has been gradually diversifying into other industries such as food additives, water chlorination and public hygiene and sanitation. These new activities enable the company to be more competitive in the rapid changing business environment.


The company has been specialising in the marketing and distribution of black and white masterbatches, and conductive compounds from renowned global producer like Cabot Plastics; as well as other assorted colour masterbatches, calcium carbonate masterbatches and plastic additives in Singapore and Malaysia.



HYGIENE ASIA, is our Singapore Cleantech innovative division specializing in water treatment and waste management solutions to help industrial sectors to individual households.


Providing complete, user-friendly and mobile water disinfection systems under the proprietary brand, cleanLAB, is the core of Hygiene Asia’s focus. Effective water treatment which does not increase carbon footprints and bio-friendly waste management systems are our key innovation strengths.


These complete end-to-end sanitation solutions are dedicated to clients requiring consistent, high-performing quality standards across a wide array of industries from Agricultural farms, Food processing plants, Food repackaging facilities to retail, point-of-use kitchens and restaurants.   



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Brief History of Halim's associate companies


Located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, is the subsidiary of HALIM BIOTECH PTE LTD. Established in 1986, Juhalim has been in the trading and marketing of veterinary and animal health products as well as the industrial chemicals product in the market of Malaysia. Juhalim has been well established and recognized in the respective fields for its capabilities of promoting and launching of new products.